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Delighted to be taking part in VIA The Summer Exhibition at Francesca Maffeo Gallery
celine marchbank
Jul 12, 2017
I'll delighted to have been invited to show work from my Tulip project at the beautiful Francesca Maffeo gallery along with some fantastic artists. Opening Friday 21st July.

VIA - The Summer Exhibition
Following the success of ‘Via’ at Photo London 2017, our Summer Exhibition presents an expanded group show which responds to the theme of personal journeys. Via is the road, the way through, it is their journey and they share it with us.

Jul 22nd – Sep 2nd
Leigh on Sea, No 284 Leigh Road
Opening Reception: Friday, Jul. 21st, 6pm -9pm

Celine Marchbank Photography

Celine Marchbank. Photographic Artist & Lecturer based in London.
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